How to track your lost/stolen Android phone

Our smartphones are investments that you’ll want to make sure you keep it safe and sound. Unfortunately, this can’t always be guaranteed, as there are people out there who would love to part you with your beloved purchase. Because of this, it’s important to take the necessary steps to make sure you’ve a good chance of tracking down your lost or stolen Android phone. Thankfully, Google has made a relatively simple way of getting the details of your Android phone, and attempting to recover it. While this isn’t a full-proof plan, as you still may not be able to get your device back, it’s the best way of trying to locate your Android phone. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to track your lost Android phone.

Step 1: You’ll first need to make sure your device is trackable. Open the Settings app on your Android phone and enable the Bluetooth option at the top. Similarly, scroll down the menu and enable the Location Tracking option.

Step 2: Also make sure that you’re signed into your Google account, as you’ll use this to track your location at a later point.

Step 3: Now that you’ve set up your device, let’s see if we can track your phone. Open the Android Device Manager on your web browser (Google this) and you’ll be asked to login using your Google account.

Step 4: With the manager now open, it’ll now scan for the whereabouts of any linked Android phone. Almost instantly, you’ll see the location of your Android device.

Step 5: If it’s close by, select the Ring option, which will emit a sound out of your phone to help locate it. You can also select the Erase option if your device has been stolen. This will lock and fully erase your Android device.

These are just the basics of how to track your lost Android phone, but it’s worthwhile getting this set up just in case. If you’ve followed our steps correctly, you’ll now have learnt how to track your lost Android phone.

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