How to manage a Chromecast stream

There are hundreds of ways for users to connect their Android smartphone to their TV. While most of these are relatively simple to use, most require the use of multiple cables to use properly. However, there are other ways to cut out wires completely from your streaming setup. One of the easiest ways for Android users to do this is through Google Chromecast. The streaming dongle plugs into your TV, connects to your home Wi-Fi network and then enables you to stream content from select Android apps. Each Android app works differently with Chromecast, but once you’ve got your connect set up, people can be a little confused on how they should manage it. Don’t worry, we’re on hand to help. In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to manage a Chromecast stream.

Step 1: With your Chromecast stream open, you’ll need to swipe down from the top of your Android display.

Step 2: Where you’d normally see your notifications, a tab including your Chromecast stream will now be shown. Use the stop button to cut off your stream.

Step 3: To the right of this option, you’ll see an option to pause the stream and to the right of that you’ll see a fast forward option. This won’t be an option on every Chromecast stream, however.

Step 4: This tab also works as a quick way to access your stream. Simply press on it to open your existing Chromecast stream.

Having these options available when it comes to learning how to manage a Chromecast stream is a major help, especially for new users. If you’ve followed our steps correctly, you’ll now know how to manage a Chromecast stream. You can also find a video tutorial covering this topic below.

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