What SIM card size does the Samsung Galaxy S4 take?

Which type of SIM card does the Samsung Galaxy S4 use?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 uses a micro SIM card. This is the type of SIM card that is only slightly larger than the gold chip on the SIM card  

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 should have been supplied with a micro SIM card by your network provider, but if it was not they should be able to supply one free of charge if you get in touch with them. 

If you are looking for instructions on how to insert a microSIM you may find the video below useful. In the video a Samsung Galaxy S3 is shown rather than an S4, but the same information is still applicable. 


  1. Will the galaxy s4 run on straight talk if a straight talk micro sim is installed? I currently have the at&t iPhone 4S on straight talk this way and I’m curious to know if the S4 will work a similar way? Thanks to any replies!

  2. Will I be able to take the SIM card out of my iPhone 4, and put it right into the samsung galaxy s4?

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